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Things to consider When Buying a Wav - Chair Measurements

How to Measure your Wheelchair for a perfect fit in your New Wav

Ensuring a proper fit between a wheelchair and a wheelchair accessible vehicle is crucial for the comfort and safety when considering your next WAV. In this guide from Jubilee Automotive Group, we will walk you through the steps on how to measure a wheelchair for a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

  1. Measure the Width:

    The first step is to measure the width of your wheelchair. To measure the width accurately, use a tape measure to determine the widest part of the wheelchair, typically across the armrests.

  2. Measure the Height:

    Measure the height of the wheelchair occupant from the floor to the top of their head. This ensures there is enough headroom within the vehicle. Consider any additional cushions or accessories that may affect the overall height.

  3. Measure the Length:

    Determine the length of the wheelchair by measuring from the back of the wheelchair to the front, including any footrests or leg supports. 

  4. Evaluate Interior Space:

    Consider the interior layout of the accessible vehicle you are looking to purchase, including the access points, ramps, and the area where the wheelchair will be secured. Ensure that there is sufficient space for the wheelchair to maneuver and for passengers to travel comfortably.

  5. Consult with Professionals:

    When in doubt  it's advisable to consult with professionals who specialize in disabled vehicle solutions. At Jubilee our team have previously won customer service awards from AutoTrader and have access to the UK's largest selection of New and Used Wheelchair accessible vehicles. As a result we are able to  provide expert guidance on all different types of new and used Wavs and may even be able to offer customised solutions to suit specific adapted vehicle needs.


    At Jubilee Mobility our vehicle adverts come with access dimensions to help you find the right vehicle to suit your requirements. Our friendly Mobility advisors our always on hand to help with no pressure advice and can be contacted on 0121 502 2252


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