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Different types of WAV

It can be confusing  . . .which wav question mark 900 2
. . . but it's quite straightforward really  

  • let's try to explain . . . 

1) WAV

A general expression used to describe many different types of wheelchair accessible vehicles which are often also referred to as Mobility Vehicles, Adpated Vehicles, Disabled Cars etc.

2) Wheelchair Accessible Passenger Vehiclesmultiple crops

The most commonly aquired type of accessible vehicle, primarily adapted so that a wheelchair passenger or passengers can access the vehicle whilst remaining seated in their wheelchair and then travel safely and securely as a passenger still sitting in their wheelchair.iStock 000012167245Large


3) Mobility Cars

Very often confused with “ Motability” Car, a Mobility Car or Vehicle is simply another commonly used expression to describe a vehicle adapted for the benefit of a person with a physical disability, either wheelchair accessible or adapted in some other manner.




4) Drive from Wheelchair Vehicle Floorplan 324 GIF

A drive from wheelchair vehicle is a car, van or MPV that has been comprehensively adapted to allow a disabled wheelchair user to independently access the vehicle and then drive the vehicle with the benefit of specialist adaptations whilst seated safely and securely in their wheelchair.




5) Wheelchair Driver Transfer VehiclesFloorplan 411 GIF

Similar in concept to drive from wheelchair vehicles, transfer vehicles are designed in a similar fashion to afford independent travel for wheelchair users who are able to transfer from their wheelchair to either the standard driver’s seat or more commonly to a mechanised seat that can move backwards and forwards, rotate and rise and fall.




6) Up-front Wheelchair Passenger Vehicles.Floorplan 450 GIF

Less common and typically more expensive than standard wheelchair accessible vehicles because of the additional cost of modifying the vehicle to allow the wheelchair passenger to sit adjacent to the driver.

Some Up-front wheelchair passenger vehicles also have the ability for the passenger to change position with the driver thus also serving as a “drive from wheelchair” vehicle.



7) Complex & Bespoke Adapted VehiclesVW Caravelle New Copper Bronze Fiorella 2

Over the years Jubilee have build hundreds of specialist accessible vehicles, often designed and manufactured to meet the quite specific needs of individual wheelchair users.

We are still able to offer this unique service today for those requiring bespoke solutions .



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Jubilee Automitive Group are Europe's premier stockists of new and used adapted vehicles for mobility disabled passengers and drivers