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tape measure



Please take your time and try to be as accurate as possible without exaggerating any of the measurements.

A good idea is to reverse the wheelchair up to a flat vertical surface. e.g. a wall or a door and then measure the overall length (C) from the vertical surface to the tip of the toe.(or platform if fitted)

Note : Max Length (A) may indeed be the same as (C) Max Low Level Length unless there are protrusions such as handles or packs on the rear of the wheelchair.

Wheelbase (B) should be measured from the rearmost edge of the rear wheel to the front most edge of the front wheel (for both small & large rear wheels)

Typical lengths are from 700 mm to 1,400 mm

wheelchair dimensions 1




Measure from the floor in all cases using a flat edge (e.g. a ruler ) to rest on the head, knee, cushion. Measure Eye-line (E) from the centre of vision.

If the wheelchair does not have rear handles leave (I) blank

Measure foot pedestal ground clearance (F) from the lowest point to the floor

Typical heights are from 1,000 mm to 1,400 mm 


wheelchair dimensions 2


If your wheelchair has larger front wheels or an additional 3rd set of "jockey" wheels please let us know in the comments section.

Typical widths are from 580 mm to 750 mm


wheelchair dimensions 3




Wheelchair & Occupant

If you do not have any of the particular information leave the field blank and tell us in the comments section.

e.g. "I don't know the weight of my wheelchair" or maybe :-

" I don't know the weight or make of my wheelchair"

If you do know the weight of your chair please give us the information in kilograms (kg)

You can give us the weight of the wheelchair user in either kilograms or stones,

for example: 
80 kg or 13.5 stones.







If in doubt please feel free to contact us by calling

0121 502 2252

when you have completed the form please click the red Submit button to send it to us.

Thank you
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