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Mobility Vehicles vs Motability Vehicles

Mobility vehicles do not have to be Motability vehicles!wheelchair 7

With so much confusion surrounding commonly used terms and expressions involved in the supply of wheelchair accessible vehicles we thought it would be a good idea to offer some guidance on the matter.

Mobility vehicle ? Motability vehicle ?

Mobility vehicle is a term commonly employed to describe various types of adapted vehicles for disabled passengers or drivers were on the other hand Motability vehicles are more often than not non-adapted vehicles supplied by Motability Finance Limited on behalf of the UK Government to those registered disabled individuals who elect to forfeit their DLA or PIP payments and have a car instead, on a long term leasing arrangement.

To confuse matters even more, a small minority of Motability vehicles are in fact wheelchair accessible vehicles, typically less than 5% of cars supplied by Motability have adaptations for disabled drivers or passengers affording wheelchair access.

So to recap, a Motability Vehicle is, more often than not, just an ordinary motor car with no modifications or adaptations, that has been leased to a registered disabled person..

Whereas a Mobility Vehicle is typically a vehicle that has been substantially adapted to accommodate a wheelchair passenger or driver.

These adaptations can include lowered floor-pans with short fold out ramps to offer ease of wheelchair access and increased headroom for wheelchair passengers or drivers, on-board or underfloor wheelchair lifts on larger vehicles or complex conversions allowing wheelchair users with varying disabilities to either drive from their wheelchair or to transfer to a modified driver's seat with specialist driving controls and fully automated access systems.

Other commonly employed terms for Mobility Vehicles are :- WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle), Accessible Car, Disabled Vehicle, Welfare Vehicle, Wheelchair Van, Drive from Wheelchair Car, Up-front Wheelchair Passenger Vehicle, Accessible Minibus, Wheelchair Driver Transfer Vehicle, Mobility Scooter Transporter, Wheelchair Passenger Car, Invalid Carriage, Ramped Car, Accessible MPV, Community Minibus, Ambulance and so on and so forth.

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