What is the best wheelchair vehicle?

It's a question we have heard many times over the last 27 years or so, along with:-

  • Which is the most popular wheelchair car?
  • What is the cheapest wheelchair accessible vehicle?
  • Where can I find the best value for money car for a wheelchair passenger
  • Where can I find low cost wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale?

You get the gist!

However, there are other questions that are asked less frequently but may be more relevant for astute wav buyers:-wheelchair 7

  • Which is the best type of wheelchair accessible vehicle for my needs?
  • Where can I buy a high quality wheelchair car?
  • Can I buy a used wheelchair access vehicle with a proper warranty?
  • Who sells the best wheelchair accessible vehicles (wavs)?
  • Who offers the widest choice of adapted wheelchair accessible vehicles?

. . . .  and so on and so forth.

So here are some of the answers, well sort of!

The 10 "Best" Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles in the UK

Question 1 : What is the most popular wheelchair accessible vehicle ever?  

Answer : The Renault Kangoo WAV


Over the years many thousands of wheelchair passengers have benefited from the no frills approach of the early wheelchair accessible Kangoos. Later models offer more comfort and style but sadly Renault no longer supply the UK market with the latest passenger version.


 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle GX62BVN Renault Kangoo Blue 1


Question 2 : Which is the UK's best selling wheelchair adapted vehicle?

  Answer : The Peugeot Partner WAV    
When Renault stopped importing the Kangoo into the UK Peugeot took the opportunity to secure the market place for compact wheelchair accessible vehicles. Initially they were quite basic but more recent conversions benefit from a wide range of improvements and access options including automatic transmissions along with both diesel and petrol variants seating up to 5 passengers.   

 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle BG13WGK Peugeot Partner Grey 1


Question 3 : Which is the cheapest wheelchair accessible vehicle in the UK?

  Answer : The Fiat Qubo WAV    
It's a close call but with recent model changes and price increases from the French car manufacturers the compact yet spacious Fiat Qubo wheelchair accessible vehicle probably takes the honours here. Available with a diesel or petrol engine with an automatic gearbox option for the diesel model. However, it is not really suitable for larger wheelchairs / passengers or for those requiring 4 seats or more.  

 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle New Fiat Qubo Light Blue 1


Question 4 : Which is most reliable used wheelchair car?

  Answer : The Skoda Roomster WAV    
Most low mileage modern wheelchair converted vehicles are generally reliable but Skoda has the best reputation of all vehicle manufactures operating in the wav marketplace for long term reliability even when compared to much more expensive makes and models. The downside is that they are quite hard to find and their strong reputation translates into higher retail prices for clean low mileage examples.  

 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle DK15AZF Skoda Roomster Silver 1


Question 5 : Which is the best large wheelchair accessible minibus?

   Answer : The Fiat Ducato WAV    
Over the years the Renault Master was the choice for larger wheelchair accessible minibuses and is still an excellent choice but more recently Fiat, Citroen and Peugeot have improved significantly with the crown going to the New Fiat Ducato because of its better standard options list, car like drivability and lower initial purchase prices. Low floor access is also a great asset offering improved operational advantage for both able bodied and disabled passengers.  

 wheelchair accessible vehicle new fiat ducato white 1


Question 6 : Which accessible vehicle offers the best wheelchair access?

   Answer : The Kia Sedona WAV    
The Kia Sedona wheelchair accessible vehicle is by far the most easily accessible vehicle ever sold in the UK. With its super low full length lowered floor offering fantastic headroom for larger wheelchair passengers and its shallow angled short access ramp making entry and exit a breeze it is hard to beat. Sadly Kia chose not to import the latest model into the UK so clean low mileage used examples are much sought after, particularly the later 3 model automatics with leather trim.   

 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle BN11ZYV Kia Sedona Silver 1


Question 7 : Which is the best wheelchair driver vehicle available in the UK?

   Answer : The VW Caddy WDV    
There are bigger, more luxurious wheelchair driver vehicles to choose from but the VW Caddy Drive from Wheelchair or Driver Transfer conversions offer the best every day usability at affordable prices for the widest range of wheelchair users. With fully automated rear tailgates and ramps and the floor fully lowered right up to the driving position they are generally reliable and easy to drive. They also benefit from automatic lowering rear suspension making access a breeze.    

 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle DN67UYY Volkswagen Caddy Purple 1


Question 8 : What is the UK's best driving wheelchair accessible car?

   Answer : The Ford Galaxy WAV    
No longer available as a new conversion (the latest version has proved too difficult to convert for wheelchair access), the Ford Galaxy Wav still offers superb drivability for used wav buyers. Other MPV conversions such as the VW Sharan, Seat Alhambra and Kia Sedona are good but the Galaxy is still the one to go for if you can find a late low mileage example. For those looking for a nice driving converted MPV on a tighter budget the Vauxhall Zafira wav is also an excellent choice.   

 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle BG12RSY Ford Galaxy Silver 1


Question 9 : What is the most desirable wheelchair accessible vehicle?

   Answer : The VW Caravelle WAV    
They are not cheap but they are fantastic wheelchair accessible vehicles for those requiring more spacious and dignified disabled passenger or driver transport solutions. Not to be confused with lesser Transporter van conversions, the Caravelle wav is a genuine family executive vehicle packed with luxury features and offering car like drivability. These vehicles have a real following in the UK and throughout Europe. It is by far our most "repeated" converted vehicle with disabled  buyers typically returning every 3 to 5 years for a new or updated model.  

 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle NEW Volkswagen Caravelle Blue 1


Question 10 : Which converted vehicle do you recommend? 

  Answer : The one that is right for you    

The most important question and the only correct answer!

This is how it goes:-

  • Are you looking for new or used?
  • What is your approximate budget?
  • Is it for a wheelchair passenger or wheelchair driver?
  • What size of vehicle would you prefer?
  • Do you need a manual or an automatic?
  • Will the wheelchair user be able to access the vehicle?
  • How many additional passenger seats do you need?
  • What additional adaptions will need to be installed?
  • Can the carer/s easily manage the vehicle?
  • How are you funding the purchase?
  • Would you like a home demonstration?
  • Are you able to visit us to view all of our wavs?
  • Do you have a part exchange car?

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