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Jubilee Covid Precautions

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COVID 19 Precautions

Company update June 5th, 2020

  • We are pleased to announce that we are now, once again open for business


Keeping you safe

In line with government requirements, we have instigated a whole raft of new safety measures and procedures that will allow us to safely supply our high quality wheelchair accessible vehicles throughout the UK

For those wishing to visit us at Jubilee we would request that visitors should arrive in groups of 3 or less and if possible telephone first to let us know when we can expect you; you will be made welcome as always.

You will notice on arrival that things are a little different from normal with lots of new rules and resources in place to protect visitors and staff members alike


For those requesting home demonstrations or deliveries we would assure you that strict new vehicle sanitising regimes and customer safe-interaction protocols have been instigated, as you would expect.

Before any vehicle is demonstrated or delivered it will be professionally valeted and fully sanitised prior to leaving, using the highest strength industrial quality anti-viral surface sprays and compounds; appropriate one-use covers will be placed on the front seats, steering wheel and gear selector.

All of our mobility sales advisers have been issued with additional personal mobile safety packs with appropriate PPE items so that they again can sanitise the vehicle prior to viewing or hand-over, face masks and gloves will also be provided for our customers if required
















You can't be too careful!

The operation of the vehicle will be demonstrated by your mobility adviser, just you and one additional associate or family member please if possible; you will be required to practice social distancing at all times during the procedure.

You will then be allowed to try the wheelchair access and controls yourself if required but our staff member will stand back 2 metres or more whilst you do so.
At all times social distancing guidelines will be adhered to, so if a test drive is absolutely necessary our mobility adviser will not be able to accompany you so you will need to provide us with certain information about the driver and give us permission to verify it and we will also need a copy of the drivers licence. Unaccompanied test drives will be restricted to 10 minutes.

All keys and paper work will be handled in pre-sanitised clear plastic containers.
Our goal as always is to keep you safe and to keep our staff safe whilst allowing you move forward in these difficult times.

Stay safe.

The Directors, Jubilee Automotive Group Ltd


Safely delivering high quality wheelchair accessible vehicles throughout the UK

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