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Jubilee started producing wheelchair accessible Renault Masters way back in the late 1980's and pioneered the introduction of tracked flooring sytems with M1 crash tested seating installations.iStock 000011464416Largefamily 1

Our latest Renault AX-S draws on our long experience of producing accessible vehicles that are practical, stylish, durable and most of all affordable.

Based on the medium wheel-base semi high roof, it is totally unique in both concept and design offering many advantages over typical conversions in that it is the only wheelchair accessible Renault Master to be based wholly on Renaults own superb factory produced 9 seater minibus with high quality moulded interior panels, factory fitted windows and a proper factory head-lining with integral lighting full Renault Factory Warranty on the latest 2017 Euro6 compliant model*

To produce a properly accessible vehicle our fully trained and certified technicians install a brand new state of the art M1 tested integral 'Smart Floor' system along with new rear M1 tested individual seating with age adjustable lap & diagonal inertia seat belts along with fully integrated M1 floor tracking for wheelchairs or quick release seating options.

Our standard specification now includes :-logo renault

  • Full factory moulded interior panels & head-lining
  • Electric windows & central locking
  • Factory fitted rear tinted windows (2 opening)
  • Onboard chairlift (or fold out ramp)
  • Crash tested aluminium "smart" floor system  
  • 7 rows of flush fit integrated tracking 
  • 9 seats including the driver
  • Lap & diagonal seat belts (age adjustable on the rear seats)
  • 4 rear seats on quick release / slider mechanisms
  • 2 folding rear wheel-arch seats
  • Wheelchair 4 point lock down system & restraint


Our superb wheelchair accessible Renault Masters are quite simply the best in the UK.


Note:  To retain 9 seater status individual tracked seats can be removed or the folding wheel-arch seats can be folded when wheelchair passengers are on-board the vehicle.
Variations shown are examples to demonstrate the various seating positions available for seated and wheelchair passengers. Additional wheelchair passenger positions also available.

Note: Our standard AX-S conversion has 9 seats.
With 3 seats in the front & 6 seats in the rear comprising of 4 seats with quick release track fittings  + 2 rear fold out wheel-arch seats with 7 runs of tracking plus a 4 point wheelchair lock-down set & restraint  for one wheelchair passenger.

Please refer to our Renault Master AX-S Price List for further options




   mm inches

tape measure graphic  

 The access dimensions are approximate and are provided as a guide.

For more detailed measurements or advice, please feel free to call us on

0121 502 2252 

Renault Master AX-S can accommodate multiple wheelchair passengers



access icon group 170 Max interior headroom



Max wheelchair width
chairlift or ramp
865 33

Max wheelchair length
for normal chairlift access

1300 52
Access Method ramp or chairlift 

Access point headroom



Will my wheelchair/s fit ?
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Price Guide 



Renault Master MM35 dCi 125 AX- S with a fold out ramp

Renault Master MM35 dCi 125 AX- S with an on-board chairlift



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How much

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0121 502 2252


  • Make: Renault
  • Model: Master
  • Model Year: 2017
  • Reg Number: NEW MODEL RANGE
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Transmission: Manual or Automatic
  • Colour: Choice of Colours
  • 9 passenger seats (plus wheelchair passenger)
  • Stock ref: 1007 / NEW MODEL RANGE


  • From 29'995 with a fold out ramp
  • 9 seats
  • M1 crash tested smart floor
  • 7 runs of tracking
  • 4 seats on quick release fittings
  • 2 folding wheel-arch seats
  • multiple wheelchair positions

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